What's Your Theme Song?

By Tracy Keenan

June 12, 2015

I know, it sounds like one of those Facebook quizzes they use to ferret out information about you for advertising purposes. But I’m not asking about what song fits your personality. I’m talking about the vibe you bring with you to any given situation, the attitude that often has the power to color your perception and to evoke certain responses from the world around you. What kind of mood do you bring with you to any interaction?

song blogFor example, if you approach the world with a weary, cynical, negative attitude, you will most likely encounter a world of fools, doofuses, and jerks. Your theme song, the inaudible music that accompanies your presence, will likely evince grouchiness from those among you. Your personal mood music is a downer, my friend.

If you approach the world with a readiness to pounce on imperfections, you will most likely encounter a world of lazy, irresponsible flouters of the rules. Your theme song is a snippy, impossible little ditty that makes people feel small. They don’t like that dance, and will only hang around if that’s their mood music, too.

If your theme song is a noisy gong or clanging cymbal, or, in a more contemporary idiom, tooting your own horn, people may be impressed, but they will not hear their own joy. If a song is too loud, like the bass booming from the corvette next to you at the traffic light, it might make you feel like king of the world, but those around you may not relish it in quite the same way.

If your theme song has an easy patience and a bit of compassion, you’ll most likely encounter a world of people who are glad for your company. They may even change their own mood music and take it with them wherever they go.
song blog
There’s a guy I know who is always talking about how people do him wrong, how they betray him and let him down. Now, I know many of the same people he does. We inhabit the same community. But we live in two different worlds. The theme song he brings with him to every conversation is that of the self-proclaimed underdog, with a whining undertone and refrain of self-absorption. That song makes it hard to be around him. No wonder he feels lonely.

Another friend of mine has a theme song that seems to make others come to life. Cashiers, wait staff, people waiting for the bus – when they are in her orbit, they share who they are. She’s not intrusive – she’s inviting in a subtle, quiet way. Honestly, she hardly says a word, and people instinctively open up. I love watching it happen. The theme song she brings is a listening ear, a sense of humor, and a spacious heart. It’s a tune worth listening for.

Everyone’s theme song is different, and some of us have different songs on different days. But we definitely have some favorites that we revert to again and again, and they color our worlds significantly.
stairsIf you were watching a scary movie – someone walking slowly up the attic steps into a dark space – and the violins are screeching menacingly, you’ll be on edge. But if you watched the same scene with poignant strings playing plaintive sounds, you won’t likely tense up. You might feel those old heartstrings being tugged in classic Hallmark commercial style. If you watch the same scene with a Loony Tunes soundtrack, you’ll be waiting for the pratfall, smile curling on your lips in anticipation.

The soundtrack you bring to any situation can make a huge difference,

I wouldn’t go so far as to say that you attract everything that happens to you. But I would say that the theme song we bring to any situation, the inaudible background music that underlies every spoken word, every facial expression, every intention can indeed color the very space around us and affect others. It can even define what kind of world we think we inhabit.

So. What’s your theme song?
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