What's One More?

By Tracy Keenan

December 12, 2015

What can I say about all this that is not already being said?

No one really wants to hear someone else say that Donald Trump’s words about “barring all Muslims” from this country are un-Christian and un-American.

No one really wants to hear another voice that is horrified by Jerry Falwell, Jr.’s encouragement of his Liberty University students to pack guns on campus with the express purpose of killing Muslims.

No one needs to be reminded that 97% of the people killed by ISIS are Muslims. Muslims who are not violent or hate-filled. Muslims who are trying to escape the horrors of ISIS. That the vast majority of Muslims in the United States are trying to live peaceful lives that contribute to the good of society here.

We're a nation being ridden and played by fear.

There is “active shooter training” being offered in several places around here all of a sudden, and I suppose it is a sad, but also wonder if more people are trained to know what to do, to escape or even fight back - meaning to surprise, disorient, and tackle a shooter -  perhaps it will deter would-be shooters from engaging in what has become a cultural Thing.  Shooters are a Thing.  But inviting more people to become shooters is not a good answer, let alone a "Christian response." It's an invitation to chaos, impulse, and madness, of which we surely to do not need more.

From Columbine to Sandy Hook, terrorism is far from a peculiarly Muslim thing. Most of the mass shootings in this country are perpetrated by deluded lone white men, demographically speaking. But everyone knows that. Right?

What could I possibly say that has not been said?

No one needs to hear one more person say that reasonable gun control laws do not mean taking all guns away, but can simply make it harder for fools to get massive arsenals into their hands.  That sensible gun laws are not a first step on a slippery slope, but a sane way of dealing with societal danger.

What’s one more voice added to the cacophony?

What’s one more voice suggesting that Jesus preached compassion even when it meant risk?  That the love Jesus was about was the love that insists on loving even in a hate-filled world, a love that does not compromise, but insists on being love even when all others have bought into the fear?

Could it be that we are so full of fear these days that we will grasp at anything to make us feel safe, even if that safety is an illusion? Even if it goes against all we claim to hold dear?

What’s one more voice calling out?

Except for this: One voice at a time is how society shifts, and if we want the grace and compassion we are called to embody to be a loud voice in this world, that’s how it happens.

One more voice. Here's mine.

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