The Question

By Katie Kinnison

February 23, 2016

    How is your Lent going?   This is a season of self-reflection, of taking your spiritual pulse, of telling the truth about your life.
     So, here is real crux of the question. . . .
     What do you need to be more alive?  
     Christ came so that we can have life and have it abundantly.  Christ came that our joy would be complete.  God gave us life and wants us to choose life in each moment.
     So, what choice can make for yourself to have more life?  A life that is free and whole and true and full of grace. 
       How can you center yourself in God and live in that love and peace and power? 
     Maybe you could try Centering Prayer with us on Tuesday and Wednesday mornings.  Maybe yoga would slow you down and help you breathe.  Maybe you don’t have a hope in hell, as they say, of hearing God if you don’t get more sleep.  Maybe you need weekly coffee dates with a friend to whom you can say whatever you want and know you will still be loved.  Maybe you need to go out and have a beer with someone who can tell you the truth about what they see in your life.  Maybe you just need five minutes peace alone on the back porch.
     Maybe you need to find where you put your bible.  Maybe you need to get in your car and drive to the church for that bible study.  (If you let me know, we’ll have child care ready, if you need that.)  Maybe you need to ask God the question that is burning a hole in your heart.  Maybe you need a hug. Maybe you need to attentively watch your life for the glimmerings of an answer.  Maybe you just need to stop and breathe a whole deep breath.
     Can you listen to your longing?  Can you tolerate just being still and listening to your own desire, hope, dream, whining, or joy?  Can you bear that for five minutes? ten?  twenty?
      Spiritual growth is not always flashy.  Bushes don’t always burst into flame and chariots rarely combust across the sky.  But we can, we mere mortals, find glimpses of the Holy One in the moments of our every day.  God is in it all, and the UCC Church is right:  God is still speaking.

     Can you spend this week just noticing yourself, your life, your hopes and fears and desires.  Notice the thirsty places, the flabby places, the worn out places.
     Just notice.  You do not have to fix anything or change anything.
     No judging.  No blaming.  No wishing you were different.
     Just notice.  And then offer yourself some compassion.  Remember that you are a child of the Living God, made in the image of God, a dwelling place of the Holy One, beloved from everlasting to everlasting.  Just as you are. 

        This is a Lenten discipline I can manage.  Even on the tough days.  
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