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September 19, 2016

Is it possible that love is the answer, that all the world needs is love, that love will keep us together?

A whole lot of us have watched love fail.  We tried with every thing we had, and it didn’t work.  Love broke.  Hearts shattered.  Lives lay in ruins.

But many of us kept loving -- maybe not with that person, maybe not in that way, but love somehow called us on to the next.


I know my name now.  Love Warrior.  I came from Love and I am Love and I will return to Love.  Love casts out fear.

- Glennon Doyle Melton


Glennon Doyle Melton was here at Covenant back in April, and she has a new book out now: Love Warrior.  It’s about the harrowing journey of loving yourself and about wondering if it is possible to make marriage work.  We’re going to host a gathering -- Warrior On -- to talk about this book in November.  You should come.


But Blove is not merely romantic, marital love, and even if that is part of our lives, often that gets transformed somehow by life with children.  How do we love them?  How do we help them grow up to protect themselves and still be open and alive to others?  How do we help them see that they are unrepeatable marvels -- and that so is everyone else?  Parenting may be the hardest job there is.  So we help each other.  We have each other’s backs.  On September 27, October 4 and October 11, we’ll show up at the church at 6:00, fix plates of food for our children (who will be well cared for in the nursery), and then grab some pizza for ourselves.  We’ll sit together in a room and be stronger, wiser in community than we are at home alone.  We’ll be Partners in Parenting.


Loving our families is marvelous, grace-filled and sometimes terribly hard work.  And even this sort of love is not enough to answer all the call of what it means to be a human being fully alive.  We need some way to wake up to all the ways we are already connected with one another, already in relationship to all the Others around us.  We have responsibilities to those around us, even as we are not at all responsible for everyone and every problem.  How do we speak of our love for our neighbors, for the world?

We need a new vision of love, one that can happen in Congress, on the campaign trail, on city streets and highways.  A public love, a touchstone for how to be with one another, a vision of kindness and compassion, a way to honor the best self -- that spark of the divine -- in each person.


Love as muscular, resilient.  Love as social - not just about how we are intimately, but how we are together, in public. 

- Krista Tippett


This kind of love can happen even in courtrooms.  Some of us at Covenant get to see this sort of love every 1st Thursday of the month at CATCH Court Lunches, Judge Paul Herbert’s court for women who were arrested for prostitution and are now seen as survivors of human trafficking.  This judge creates a no shame zone in his courtroom, and even as he holds these women accountable to strict and demanding standards of behavior, he delights in them and honors them and believes in them.  He loves them, and they love each other.  They love fiercely and whole-heartedly and without judgment.  They love honestly and with abandon. They love because that’s how they save each other’s lives.  Beholding this takes my breath away and reminds me of what God’s love is like.  You should come with us some time and see what love can do.

We are all love warriors in this holy mess of life, all held by One who is Love.




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