Our Children

By Katie Kinnison

September 27, 2016

Aren't you utterly amazed?  Just look at this child.

You look into that tiny person's eyes, and it's like being plunged into the middle of a universe. The wonders there take your breath away.  You adore this child.  You are in awe of this child. You want to do everything you can to be worthy of this person, to give this person everything she needs to become her whole, true self.  You want this little boy to know that he is utterly cherished, that he is beautiful through and through.

This is how you feel about your own child.  And it is how we want to feel about every child we meet.  We want to commit ourselves to recognizing the value of each little girl and the gift that is each little boy.  

We want to help them in their becoming.

At Covenant we want to do our part in supporting children and their families.  We know that each of us is a gift from God to the world.  While that may sound like a hallmark card, real love takes commitment and time and energy and hard work.  Over the years, we have put in the work to get better and better at serving children and their families.

We have had a preschool here at Covenant for more than 60 years and 10 years ago we began a Children's Day Out for toddlers.   Last year we launched Covenant Children's Center.  Now our building bustles on weekdays as children dance through our halls on the way to their classes. We have CDO, Preschool, Kindergarten Enrichment, and After School Care.  All of them are child-focused.  Joy, creativity, exploration, support, community-building, responsibility, practice, kindness -- all the things you want for your children are what we want for them, too.

Two years ago we were trying to figure out  how to support parents.  After all, you have the really hard job -- we're just support personnel.  We came up with Parents' Night Out.  On the second Friday of each month, we feed your kiddos dinner and play with them from 6:00-8:30pm.  You get to go be grown-ups.  I wish you could see what 8:30 looks like -- lots of children thrilled to see their parents but not quite sure they want to go home; lots of parents looking lighter and even glowing a little bit.  Joy all around.

There are lots of ways we need to take care of children.  Some of it happens on Sunday mornings during Treasure Finders (our version of "Sunday School) and in all three of our worship services.  We understand that children are vital people within our community, and they understand that this is their church, too.  On October 23rd they will be leading worship.  You want a place where your children will feel like they belong -- even if they make noise, even if they have their batman outfit on, even if the morning isn't going all that well.

At Covenant, we all belong.  No matter what.

On Sunday mornings we teach our children about God's call for us to bring God's love into the world -- and we do our very best to show them that what that looks like every day, to show them how this "loving thing" is done.

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