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Don't Judge Me

By Katie Kinnison   |  December 12, 2014

It is true that judging others is especially bad because we tend to project our flaws on others and run around with logs in our own eyes, foolishly trying to remove toothpicks from the eyes of others. Judging others is destructive. We need to look to our own behavior and state of being, rather than tear down others.

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By Tracy Keenan   |  December 6, 2014

Considering that we are people who seem to leap from one thing to the next, from day to day, place to place, task to task, we actually spend most of our time in between.

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Two Marys and the Impossible

By Katie Kinnison   |  November 26, 2014

Earlier this month we had a special speaker come to Covenant. Dr. Mary Mikhael, from the presbytery of Lebanon and Syria, came to speak to us about what is happening in ...

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By Tracy Keenan   |  November 22, 2014

I cringe as I feel myself swirling into the eddy of the call to spend money on things advertisers try to make us think we can’t possibly live without. And in an age of too much rich food – fast food, pizza, candy, cookies – we are pressed in this season to eat more, put out more, and the running joke is about the predictable weight gain this time of year. And yes, all this while there are hungry people right here in this city.

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Good Sex and Spiritual Things

By Katie Kinnison   |  October 31, 2014

I believe the Church has failed horribly in the whole realm of sexuality.

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By Tracy Keenan   |  October 23, 2014

Time peels back. Driving these turns, I am seventeen, I am fearless.

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A Child's Communion

By Katie Kinnison   |  October 3, 2014

Merciful God, send now, in kindness, your Holy Spirit to settle on this bread and wine and fill them with the fullness of Jesus. And let that same Spirit rest on us, converting us from the patterns of this passing world, until we conform to the shape of him whose food we now share. Amen.

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Just This

By Tracy Keenan   |  September 26, 2014

There were hours of lectures, rich and packed with wisdom and insight, and I took sixty pages of notes.

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To Clap or Not to Clap

By Cherie Brooks   |  September 23, 2014

Guest Blogger Cherie Brooks is the Director of Music Ministry at Covenant.

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Why Really, Really Pushing Your Teenager to Come to Church With You is a Good Thing

By Tracy Keenan   |  September 4, 2014

I understand that lives are busy and you have to pick and choose your battles wisely and that it’s a crazy world out there with a bazillion demands on time and energy...

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Catholic Envy

By Tracy Keenan   |  August 14, 2014

There's always someone who is delighted, and someone who is not at all pleased, but we take turns with that in order to include a lot of folks.

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By Karen Ware Jackson   |  July 22, 2014

Karen Ware Jackson's goodbye letter to the church.

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I Miss Who You Were

By Tracy Keenan   |  July 18, 2014

Time is a bugger. It’s a thief and a generous giver. It plays pranks, some of them cruel. It lavishes riches, it tickles and stabs. It makes us hopeful, wistful, furious, and impatient. We wish for more of it. We wish it would hurry up, slow down, turn around. And yet it is all there.

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Struck Blind

By Katie Kinnison   |  July 15, 2014

I am working the scriptures to get ready for Sunday. It’s this thing we do when we preach. We pray and we read and we pray and we read and we look up the Greek and check out some commentaries and remember that thing we read once and we pray and we read . We try to think of the connections between the text at hand -- the bit of letter or that one story -- to our lives, to your lives, to Life.

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True Courage

By Katie Kinnison   |  July 11, 2014

Maybe brave people face their fear and deal with it in a way that doesn’t cause them to run screaming, spreading their fear to all they meet. Maybe brave people take their fear into themselves and figure it out and process it and get help to move through the terror into something new.

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A Young Adult's Perspective on Connecting with Church

By Leslie Scott   |  July 7, 2014

It amazes me all the opportunities church has given to my life and how many amazing people have helped shape me along the way.

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Getting My Thoreau On

By Tracy Keenan   |  July 3, 2014

I am learning to smile at my mind's forays, to watch them the way a doting parent might smile on child’s wild storytelling, and then ask myself what I am experiencing, and – and this is the key – to accept it, to welcome it, to not try to correct, justify, rationalize, push away, or tweak.

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7 Rules for Sorting Trash from Treasure: A Letter to My Daughter

By Karen Ware Jackson   |  July 1, 2014

I wish I could communicate everything that is going on – how I’m anxious and excited, heartbroken and hopeful –but it’s hard to find the right words for a young child.

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Climbing Trees

By Karen Ware Jackson   |  June 27, 2014

A good climbing tree can teach us something about God, about ourselves, and about the world not just from the new perspective it gives, but also from the act of climbing - moving up and down, in and around God's wondrous creation!

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You Know You're a PresbyGeek If...

By Tracy Keenan   |  June 24, 2014

General Assembly – the biennial national gathering of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) met in Detroit last week, and I as I followed avidly on the livestream and social media, I found myself becoming more and more of a PresbyGeek every moment.

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Mission Trips: Holy and Harrowing

By Karen Ware Jackson   |  June 17, 2014

We spent the week serving with organizations all around Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.

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The Dangers of Dragons and the Courage of Community

By Tracy Keenan   |  June 6, 2014

I just finished my last mission trip with the youth of Covenant Presbyterian Church. It was - like all mission trips – both harrowing and holy.

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Can You Be Hot and Holy?

By Karen Ware Jackson   |  June 3, 2014

They were upset because the clothing policy requires them to wear clothing that will make them look “odd” or even “ugly” not by their standards, but by our society’s standards.

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The Dubious Rose

By Katie Kinnison   |  May 30, 2014

We need to know when things are dead, and it is time to move on or dig up or let go.

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Airport Beautitudes

By Karen Ware Jackson   |  May 27, 2014

The reality is we all need people – to fly the plane, to service the engine, to check the tickets, to load the baggage, even to screen us and our fellow travelers so that we can all be reasonably safe – and that’s just when we fly! We rely on the work and care of others every day. Nobody – not even a hermit living “off the grid” – survives completely alone.

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Can You Play?

By Tracy Keenan   |  May 20, 2014

But in order to try and really Play, we have to let go of the need to create something wonderful, do something well, or produce something worthy.

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5 Reasons You Need to Be in Worship: A Letter to My Daughter

By Karen Ware Jackson   |  May 13, 2014

You come to church almost every Sunday, but you very rarely come to worship. Your Mommy and Daddy are both pastors, and I guess we've just been too busy. We thought we couldn't be there to sit with you and sing with you and pray with you and answer your questions, so you stayed in the nursery with your little brother and the two best caregivers this side of heaven, but that’s going to change.

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It Sank in My Gut Like a Stone

By Tracy Keenan   |  May 7, 2014

The book was recommended by a friend on Facebook, and I downloaded it on Kindle and bit into it with gusto. I did not realize what I was getting into.

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Change the Message

By Karen Ware Jackson   |  May 6, 2014

Who is doing God's PR?

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Katie Preaching to Herself

By Katie Kinnison   |  May 2, 2014

Okay, I am going to preach myself a sermon. Are you ready? You can eavesdrop. Maybe it will be for you, too.

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