ANGST. Don't miss this important film about anxiety.

Sunday, February 17, 2019 - 12:15pm

Angst. Raising Awareness Around Anxiety
Don't miss this important film!
Rescheduled Showings. New Date:
Sun., Feb. 17, 12:15pm, Lounge & 6pm, Fellow. Hall. Food Provided

ANGST. Do you suffer from anxiety? Does your child? Partner? Learn how to cope and find hope. One could make the case that anxiety is the most prevalent 21st Century disease afflicting the United States – certainly it is doing its best to cripple our youth. As people of God and the body of Christ, we have important insights and practices within our theology and tradition that can help us manage the anxiety that affect us and our children. It is time to reclaim this knowledge and to begin to share it. It is time to come to the defense of our children. Join us for this important film and discussion...a film about anxiety, truth, coping and hope. Candid interviews with real teens about anxiety. Bring your friends. For more information, contact Katie Kinnison.

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