Listening for Life: Workshopping Our Lives for Love's Sake

Tuesday, March 26, 2019 - 7:00pm

Listening for Life - Workshopping Our Lives for Love’s Sake
Tuesday Nights during Lent thru April 9. 7–8:30pm, Lounge
You want to hear the voice of God. You wonder what someone means when they say, “God called me.” Or you at least want to know what to do with your life. How do you know if you doing the work that is really yours to do? How do you decide to divide up your time and your resources among all your obligations and desires? Don’t we all find ourselves asking some version of the same question: How are we to live?
     Join us as we learn ways to access the wisdom in our deep places, in the shape of our lives, and in our community. Come deepen and expand your ability to listen and the hear the Word of God through all the myriad of words around us, through the events that shape us, and through the images and impulses around us.

March 19  How Do I Know What's Going on With Me?
March 26  Listening to Our Lives
April 2      Listening Together: Which Voices are True?
April 9      I'm Listening, But It It God?

Click here to download a PDF of Covenant's Lenten Guide.

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