The After Party

Sunday, March 31, 2019 - 12:15pm

The After Party...a time for feasting and learning after Worship Services
12:15pm lunch; 12:30 class, Lounge

The (Animal) Kingdom of God in the Middle Ages: The 12th Century Book of Beasts
March 31 & April 7,
Led by David Connolly. This two-week program will introduce us to the genre of the ‘bestiary’ – a popular medieval book about animals—beasts, birds, reptiles, and fish—serving as a precursor to modern biology textbooks or field guides for the naturalist but also moralizing the natural world in Biblical terms for the medieval mind. Explore the fascinating “spiritual biology” of God’s natural order. Why is the mythical unicorn like Jesus Christ, but the partridge like the Devil?

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