In Search of Belief (& Sandwiches)

Sunday, September 29, 2019 - 12:15pm

In Search of Belief (and Sandwiches) a time for feasting and learning after Worship
Sundays thru Dec. 15, 12:15pm fill your plate; 12:30 fill your mind, Lounge

Thinking and talking about God and God’s ways is not a casual pastime; it requires attention to the resources of faith, the realities of the world, and the relationships between them.
                                                                Joseph D. Small, God and Ourselves: A Brief Exercise in Reformed Theology

Our task this year is to search for belief that will lead us deeper into loving and into life-giving ways of being in the world. How can we clarify our beliefs and learn more about the history of our faith in order to deepen it? How does what we believe inform and determine our decisions, behavior and presence in the world?

Come, learn and grow with us, as we all find our way into loving God & neighbor and delighting in God forever.

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