Covenant would like to invite you to our new Sunday 9:00 am outside in-person worship service.  If inclement weather, the service will be moved indoors.  We continue to have our weekly Sunday indoor in-person worship service at 10:45 am  and livestream from the sanctuary on our YouTube and Facebook pages.  Please stay tuned to the Covenant Facebook and other Covenant social media for weather updates on the 9:00 a.m. outdoor worship service.

We are pre-recording Sunday worship so we can all experience the message, the music, and the scripture without putting our staff in the same space.  The services will PREMIERE at 10:45 am on both Facebook and YouTube. We can chat on either format and be in community. watching together. Make a date with your family, and watch together, in person or virtually. The services will be able to be replayed after the "premiere" at the same link. You can click early and watch a countdown. 

YOUTUBE for Sunday, 10:45 am services:

Look for the most current video, labeled "PREMIERE: Current Date”

FACEBOOK for Sunday, 10:45 am services:

Look for the most current video, labeled "PREMIERE: Current Date”

For past services, special music, and other church video content, visit our main YouTube page:

For selections of choir and instrumental music from past worship services, see the history of WCOV online radio programs on our Facebook page.


Bible Studies and Prayer

We invite you to listen for and to hear the Word of God as it is found in and through these words. . . .You want to be with people who can talk about the bible and love each other at the same time.  We engage the scriptures with passion, faithfulness, intelligence, imagination, wonder and expectancy. 

Prayer Devotional Service with Rev. Joel A. Esala, Mon., Wed., 11-11:15am Facebook
Daily Centering Prayer (on hold), 9am Contact 

Wednesday Bible Study, 1-2pm Contact Rev. Joel A. Esala

Covenant Presbyterian Women (CPW)

Luncheons and circles resume.

All women of our church are automatically part of Covenant Presbyterian Women. Throughout the year they meet for luncheons at the church and in small groups called "Circles" at different times and places. You are encouraged to join an existing circle or start a new one! Contact the circle leader or Sandy St. Martin, CPW moderator by sending an email to and in the subject line type CPW-Sandy St. Martin for more information. Please take the survey at and help us improve our circle offerings.

Circles for Bible Study:
- Elizabeth:  1st Tuesday evening at 7pm via Zoom or location to be announced.  Mona Connolly, moderator.  For more information contact Mona via email at and in the subject line type CPW/Elizabeth Circle-Mona Connolly.
- Eunice-Lydia: 1st Wednesday at 9:30am via Zoom or in the church lounge.  Sandy St. Martin, moderator.  For more information contact Sandy via email at and in the subject line type CPW/Eunice-Lydia Circle-Sandy St. Martin.
- Miriam Circle: 2nd Wednesday at 1:30pm in the church, room 120.  Gerlinde Lott, moderator.  For more information regarding current meeting plans, contact Gerlinde via email at and in the subject line type CPW/Miriam Circle-Gerlinde Lott.

Other circles: 
- Creative Hearts & Hands, Crafts, 1st Monday, meets occasionally.  For more information contact Nancy Cowman via email at and in the subject line type CPW/Creative Hearts & Hands Circle-Nancy Cowman.
- Flower Garden Circle, Maintains flower beds on church campus, meets seasonally.  For more information contact Louise Davidson via email at and in the subject line type CPW/Flower Garden Circle-Louise Davidson.
- Mission Sewing, Crochet, knitting, sewing, quilting, Tuesdays 1pm in church, room 121.  For more information contact Diana Sanders via email at and in the subject line type CPW/Mission Sewing-Diana Sanders.
- Prayer Shawl Circle, Knitting and praying over shawls for persons grieving, suffering, celebrating (yarn is provided), 2nd & 4th Friday 9:30am all year, Zoom or in church lounge.  For more information contact Louise Davidson via email at and in the subject line type CPW/Prayer Shawl Circle-Louise Davidson.



Men's Fellowship Ministries

- Men's Spirituality
(about every 2 weeks) Sundays, 9:30-10:30am, Room 120

“What is spirituality” and “how does spirituality play a part in our lives.” Discuss Brian McLaren's “Naked Spirituality: A Life With God,” beginning with Chapter 12. Join our discussions.  Hope that you ALL can attend and share in our discussion. Contact is Bob Tannehill or just show up!

- Men's Breakfast @ First Watch, Kingsdale Shopping Center
2nd Saturday each month

Food & fellowship. Contact Allan Kennedy.

- Men's Study Breakfast Series
4th Saturday/month through May, 8am, Lounge
Pancakes, coffee, juice, and oatmeal provided, but please bring an item to share. Watch a 20-minute video on an aspect of Christ's life and ministry then discuss it. We will watch and discuss the DVD series by Borg and Crossan, chapter “America as the New Rome.” Be prepared for a lively conversation! Questions? Contact Steve St. Martin.

Women’s Theology

This group is meeting virtually!

Meetings are the 1st and 3rd Fridays at 9:30am via Zoom or in the church, room 120.
For more information contact Louise Davidson via email at and in the subject line type Women's Theology-Louise Davidson. 

Covenant Community Labyrinth 

A labyrinth is a pathway for prayer, a walking meditation, a gateway to deeper spiritual insight. Following the bricks, we give ourselves something to do and simultaneously free up space inside us. There is more room for Love Itself to speak to us. We can open ourselves more easily to the Living God and to our own deep wisdom.


Centering Prayer

You cannot fail at this – except fail to show up.  The idea is to allow yourself to be present with the Holy One, to let go of all that gets in the way of our openness to God’s presence within us. This is a kind of meditation or contemplative prayer.

The metaphor Thomas Keating uses to describe what we do is this: imagine you are a diver on the bottom of a river bed, watching boats go by over your head. The boats are your thoughts. Noticing them is not an issue. But when you find that you have swum up and climbed into a boat and are sailing down the river – when you find yourself planning your day or rehearsing a conversation from the day before – ever so gently say your sacred word and fall over the side of the boat and float back down to the bottom. 

The method is this.  Sit with an erect spine in a comfortable position, feet flat on the floor. The idea will be to not move for the twenty minutes of silence. 

Choose a sacred word – God, Jesus, Spirit, Yes, Love – which will serve as a touchstone back to letting go of all that is not simple openness.

Most people close their eyes. When we do this prayer practice together, we use a cd with a couple of minutes of cello music before and after the silence. Take some deep breaths as the music begins, maybe say a prayer or get the kinks out of your neck and shoulders during this part. Settle your body.

When the silence begins, let go. Let go of any planning or figuring out or naming of things. Just be.  When we are able to do this, it is immense spiritual rest, a surrendering into the arms of the Holy One. Sometimes the prayer time seems like nothing but thinking and saying your word, thinking and saying your word…. Then you have had an aerobic workout at surrendering yourself to the Living God. How bad is that? We are practicing kenosis, or “letting go.”

The recommended method is to do this practice for twenty minutes twice a day.

If you have any questions, read Thomas Keating’s Open Heart, Open Mind 

Stephen Ministry
Bear one another’s burdens. . . .

Yes, each of has his or her own load to bear, the challenges and sorrows of life that come to us all. Sometimes, though, our loads become burdens. A Stephen Minister offers unconditional love, an attentive and listening presence, a companion on the journey. Stephen Ministers receive over fifty hours of training. When assigned to a care receiver, the Stephen Minister meets with him or her for one a hour a week and prays regularly for that care receiver.

We are made to love one another, to help each other stand back up, to help one another find our path. Only God can heal us, but God has graciously given us the ability to share the love and hope of Christ. 

If you would benefit from having a Stephen Minister spend an hour a week listing and offering support, please contact our pastor.


Seeds of Hope Garden...
SOH Garden provides organic, fresh vegetables to those in need. Volunteers meet at the garden during the growing season Sundays at 4pm, and Tuesdays and Thursdays at 8am to harvest, plant, weed, water, fertilize, and just get fingers into the soil and enjoy the spectacle of more than 20 different hardy, fruitful plants. The Garden was awarded a grant by the Scotts, Miracle‐Gro company to experiment with a movable row cover system. Scout Gavin Voss, from the Boy Scout Troop at Covenant, built a bulletin board and installed supports for the berry bushes. The computer‐controlled irrigation system was upgraded. Flowers planted by the Covenant Circle headed by Louise Davidson attracts bees for pollination and are given to those who receive vegetables. Volunteer Dick Lewis is a new member at CPC and Master Gardner who contributes his many skills. We work with the leaders of Covenant’s SOS Food Pantry to provide fresh produce to those served by SOS. This mission project is very important and not only has been providing nearly ¾ of a ton of fresh produce to those in need each year but also provides opportunities for Covenant and community members to learn new skills and make a difference in the lives of many. If interested in volunteering, contact Bob Tannehill, Garden Manager.

Opioid Crisis Resource

Annette Franks, M.Ed., LPC, CWC free recovery and educational resources at: