Find Yourself.
Find God.
Find Oneness. 

All of us bear God's love into the world in unique ways, and all of us have broken places in need of healing.  You work hard and you often find it difficult to be compassionate with yourself.  You hunger for God in ways you cannot always name, and you do not always know how to go about dealing with that.

At Covenant you find that you do not have to go it alone.

Together, we lean into joy even as we face the hard stuff.
We study the effects of shame and learn how to combat it.  We explore art and spirituality and learn about the Enneagram. We talk about human trafficking, ISIS, violence, sexuality and addiction.  We do centering prayer. We gather with Muslims and Jews to read the poetry of Rumi one night and figure out what we are supposed to do with the book of Ezra the next. 

Join us, and come teach us something new. The collaboration of diverse minds makes the best of conversation. 

Need childcare for a church event?  Email Erin Wise to schedule.

We have many different ways for us to understand God and know a richer life:                                  

Advent & Christmas Season at Covenant

• Wed., Dec. 18, 7pm  - Longest Night Service 
Christmas is full of joy, but our hearts may have heaviness. This service offers a holy space in which we honor that pain and seek tender comfort. Need a ride or have questions, contact Katie Kinnison or Charlotte Sharpe.

• Sun., Dec. 22, 11am Worship Service -  Covenant Christmas Cantata: What Sweeter Music
(NOTE: No 8:30 service. Gathering worship at 10am.) A major choral work with large orchestra, Chancel Choir, guest instrumentalists, soloists. A beautiful morning of traditional carols with a twist, and a meaningful message. Bring your friends and families. 
  Christmas Joy Offering 10 & 11am Services - 50% of your gifts assist current/retired church workers and families with critical financial need. 50% make it possible for students to learn and grow in faith at Presbyterian-related schools and colleges. To give online, go to our website under Giving & Payment then Electronic Giving or use our mobile app.

• Christmas Eve, Dec. 24
  5pm Children’s Candlelight Service
   Our children are the worship leaders as we celebrate the birth of Jesus. Service is designed for families, and has the magic and tradition we so love.
   8:00pm Candlelight Service
   Join our Chancel Choir, special soloists, and guest musicians for an evening of story and song. Lush music, traditional carols, candle lighting, and the glorious message of the birth of Jesus! Don’t miss it! 
   Christmas Eve Services Offering - The Deacons are supported by generous contributions from the congregation that help provide funds for the ministry activities. .

• Tues., Dec. 31, 5-7pm - New Year’s Eve Communion & Prayer  
Come and go as you wish for reflection and prayer. Pick up a booklet of spiritual gems to ponder or just sit and enjoy the peace. All are welcome to come up for Communion at any time. We invite you to begin this New Year awake to the presence of the One in whom we live and move and have our being.


Advent Bible Study
Hallelujah: The Bible and Handel’s Messiah
Thur., Dec. 12, 19, 6pm, Chapel
Sundays, Dec. 15, 22, 9:45-10:45am, Lounge

You may love the music, but do you know the scripture? This is a study for both the music lover and the biblical seeker, it explores the scriptural texts of Handel's Messiah. We’ll listen to clips of this masterpiece and study its biblical lyrics. Pastor Jeri-Lynne facilitating. Register in advance so we can order resource books in a timely manner.

Sign-up sheets are on the welcome table or click here to register online.

In Search of Belief (and Sandwiches) a time for feasting and learning after Worship
Sundays thru Dec. 15, 12:15pm fill your plate; 12:30 fill your mind, Lounge

Thinking and talking about God and God’s ways is not a casual pastime; it requires attention to the resources of faith, the realities of the world, and the relationships between them.
                                                                Joseph D. Small, God and Ourselves: A Brief Exercise in Reformed Theology

Our task this year is to search for belief that will lead us deeper into loving and into life-giving ways of being in the world. How can we clarify our beliefs and learn more about the history of our faith in order to deepen it? How does what we believe inform and determine our decisions, behavior and presence in the world?

Come, learn and grow with us, as we all find our way into loving God & neighbor and delighting in God forever.

December 15               Invitations to Belief:  The Nativity Stories
Mark doesn’t have one. Matthew and Luke do not agree so much on what happened. John is just plain weird. What are we do to with these various approaches to the birth of Jesus the Christ, and what was the point of them in the first place?

Bible Studies
We invite you to listen for and to hear the Word of God as it is found in and through these words. . . .
You want to be with people who can talk about the bible and love each other at the same time.  We engage the scriptures with passion, faithfulness, intelligence, imagination, wonder and expectancy. The bible only matters to you if it can pull you deeper into a life full of God‘s power and boundless love. Questions?  Contact Katie.

- Sunday Evening Bible Study
6:30 pm in Room 120 
1, 2 Kings: led by Dick Campbell
Come join our small group as we read the Bible together. Our mission is to discern what the bible is saying to the people of God then and now. For more information, contact Lisa Wallace.

- Wednesday Bible Studies
1pm, room 120 or Lounge
Katie Kinnison leads. The Gospel according to John.  Who is this Jesus who calls us to follow and what is this eternal life he offers us? How are we to live? Join us as together we listen for the Word of God as it is found in and through these words, as we find our way deeper into the Way of Love.

Covenant Advent Devotionals

Pick up a copy of Covenant Advent Devotionals on the welcome table in the hall.
Or click here to download a PDF WEEK 1

Click here for WEEK 2

Click here for WEEK 3

There are many ways to give during this Christmas season.

Click here for a PDF of Covenant Giving Opportunities

Centering Prayer
Meets on Wednesdays, 8:15am, Lounge, Katie Kinnison leads

Deep calls to deep at the thunder of my cataracts. . . . 

You cannot fail at this – except fail to show up.  The idea is to allow yourself to be present with the Holy One, to let go of all that gets in the way of our openness to God’s presence within us. This is a kind of meditation or contemplative prayer.

The metaphor Thomas Keating uses to describe what we do is this: imagine you are a diver on the bottom of a river bed, watching boats go by over your head. The boats are your thoughts. Noticing them is not an issue. But when you find that you have swum up and climbed into a boat and are sailing down the river – when you find yourself planning your day or rehearsing a conversation from the day before – ever so gently say your sacred word and fall over the side of the boat and float back down to the bottom. 

The method is this.  Sit with an erect spine in a comfortable position, feet flat on the floor. The idea will be to not move for the twenty minutes of silence. 

Choose a sacred word – God, Jesus, Spirit, Yes, Love – which will serve as a touchstone back to letting go of all that is not simple openness.

Most people close their eyes. When we do this prayer practice together, we use a cd with a couple of minutes of cello music before and after the silence. Take some deep breaths as the music begins, maybe say a prayer or get the kinks out of your neck and shoulders during this part. Settle your body.

When the silence begins, let go. Let go of any planning or figuring out or naming of things. Just be.  When we are able to do this, it is immense spiritual rest, a surrendering into the arms of the Holy One. Sometimes the prayer time seems like nothing but thinking and saying your word, thinking and saying your word…. Then you have had an aerobic workout at surrendering yourself to the Living God. How bad is that? We are practicing kenosis, or “letting go.”

The recommended method is to do this practice for twenty minutes twice a day.

If you have any questions, read Thomas Keating’s Open Heart, Open Mind  -- or see Katie Kinnison for more information on this and other contemplative prayer practices.

Another great peanut brittle year!
We're all sold out for the year...except for a few cans of peanut brittle crumbs that are great as ice cream toppings.

Thank you!

Covenant Presbyterian Women Circles
All women of Covenant are automatically part of Covenant Presbyterian Women. Throughout the year, they meet regularly within smaller groups called Circles at different times and places. You are encouraged to join an existing Circle or start a new one! Contact the Circle Leader to join in, and contact Judy Oeder to start a new Circle. Please take the survey at and help us improve our Circle Offerings to meet the needs of our current and future congregation.

Horizon Bible Study
Love Carved in Stone: A Fresh Look at the Ten Commandments
- Eunice-Lydia Circle: 1st Wednesday: 9:30am in the Lounge
- Miriam Circle: 1st Thursday: 10am in the Lounge
- Elizabeth Circle: 1st Tuesday: 7pm in the 121 
What is the Ten Commandments are not simply a harsh list of what not to do? What if they are a "love letter" from a loving God? Could studying these words lead us into real love, into the restoration of ourselves and our communities? Connecting these words from God that Moses brought to his community with the life of Jesus leads us into the Living Word.

Build deep relationships with other women and deepen your faith as you work through this study prepared especially for Presbyterian Women. For more information, contact Betsy Sebastian, Judy Oeder or Mona Connolly. If you would like to attend the Bible Study Prep held monthly with Katie Kinnison, please contact her.

- Elizabeth Circle - PW Bible Study, fellowship, service. 1st Tues., 7pm, Sept-June, room 121 or Lounge
- Eunice-Lydia Circle - PW Bible Study, fellowship, service, 1st Wed. 9:30am, Sept.-June, Lounge 
- Creative Hearts & Hands, Crafts for mission projects, 1st Mon., 9am, all year, room 120 
- Flower Garden Circle, Flowers for Seeds of Hope Garden for food pantry clients, Meets seasonally as needed
- Miriam Circle, PW Bible Study, fellowship, service, 1st Thur. 10am, Sept.-June,  room 120
- Mission Sewing, Crochet, knit, sew, quilt, Tuesdays 1pm, all year, room 121
- Prayer Shawl Circle, Knitting and praying over shawls for people grieving, suffering, celebrating, 2nd & 4th Fri. 9:30am, all year, Lounge

Men's Fellowship Ministries

- Men's Spirituality, (usually about every 2 weeks) Sundays, 9:30-10:30am, Room 120
“What is spirituality” and “how does spirituality play a part in our lives.” Discuss Brian McLaren's “Naked Spirituality: A Life With God,” beginning with Chapter 12. Join our discussions.  Hope that you ALL can attend and share in our discussion. Contact is Bob Tannehill or just show up!

- Men's Breakfast @ First Watch, Kingsdale, 2nd Sat. each month
Food & fellowship. Contact Allan Kennedy.

- Men Connecting With God
- Men's Breakfast Series 
4th Sat./Month through May, 8am, Lounge
NOTE: No December meeting. Please join us on  Sat., Jan. 25, 8am
Please bring something to share. Coffee, pancakes and oatmeal provided. Watch a 20-minute video on an aspect of Christ's life and ministry then discuss it. Questions? Contact Steve St. Martin.

Women’s Theology
1st & 3rd Fridays, 9:30-11:30am, rm 120
We’re continuing our discussion of “Inspired” by Rachel Held Evans. Contact Susan Imel .

Habitat for Humanity
The volunteers for Habitat are ready to begin building another house at 1657 Genesee Avenue in Linden. We will be working on the house through the month of March 2020.
 We need volunteer workers to work on the house on Thursdays from 8:30a to noon, and on Saturdays from 8:30a until 3p.  Also, we could use a few volunteers to help provide lunch on 2 or 3 Saturdays for the workers. If you would like to work on the house, please contact Charlie Bergmann for more information.  If you would like to help prepare and serve lunch to the workers, please contact Betsy Sebastian. Thank you.

Become An Official Member of Covenant Presbyterian Church

At Covenant, you belong when you walk in the door!
And membership matters. Membership is “going all in” and making a commitment to these extraordinary people of Covenant. We have made becoming a member easy because all are welcome. Ours is a God of radical hospitality. We also take membership seriously, believing that we are called to work together in community to bear God’s love into the world. Ours is a God who is transforming both us and the world.

We want becoming a member at Covenant to be easy. We want your membership to be fulfilling and important in your life. To get started or find out more, contact Rev. Katie Kinnison to set up a time to talk with her. The general process: on the first Sunday of the month, a few Elders (members of Session who make congregational decisions) meet with new members to get to know them a little bit and answer questions. On the second Sunday of the month, new members are officially received by the congregation.

Please contact Katie Kinnison.

Click here for a brochure with all the details.

Covenant Community Labyrinth - A Wonderful Gift!

Thank you, Covenant! Our dream of a labyrinth to share with our community has come true. The brickwork for the entrance path (not the labyrinth itself) will be made up of bricks etched with your special messages. Thank you!

Bob Tullett and friends worked on the labyrinth and concrete ramp, and the beautiful surrounding landscaping. This will be a gift to ourselves and to this neighborhood we are called to be with in Love.

Thank you for the prayers and the financial support and the work you’ve done to bring this into reality. We have a wonderful dedication ceremony and spiritual celebration planned. If you would like to help plan that, please see Katie Kinnison.

Stephen Ministry
Bear one another’s burdens. . . .

Yes, each of has his or her own load to bear, the challenges and sorrows of life that come to us all. Sometimes, though, our loads become burdens. In order to heal, to thrive, to come all the way alive again, we need some support and encouragement. A Stephen Minister offers unconditional love, an attentive and listening presence, a companion on the journey. Stephen Ministers receive over fifty hours of training. When assigned to a care receiver, the Stephen Minister meets with him or her for one a hour a week and prays regularly for that care receiver.

We are made to love one another, to help each other stand back up, to help one another find our path. Only God can heal us, but God has graciously given us the ability to bear the love and hope of Christ to one another. If you would benefit from having someone by your side these days, contact Katie Kinnison to be assigned a Stephen Minister or for more information.

If you want a Stephen Minister to spend an hour a week listing and offering support, please contact Katie Kinnison.

A New Ministry of Blessing
     A blessing is a gift. We stop and acknowledge that flow of Love that binds us altogether. We speak the words, one to another, and remember that the God of abundant and steadfast love wants good for us.
     Having someone bless us helps us to stop and take note. When someone bears the love of God to us through his or her humanity, Christ is present. We remember we are loved.
     The Stephen Ministers of Covenant are now offering various ways in which we can receive blessings, reminders of God’s gracious love.
House Blessings
A blessing of your home or office can be as thorough or as simple as you request. We can go into each room and pray God’s blessing upon that space or stand in front of your home and offer a benediction of grace and peace.
Personal Blessings
Perhaps you do not need a Stephen Minister to meet with you regularly, but you would like to share your concerns with someone who will hold a sacred space for you and listen to you with loving care. Perhaps you would like a one-time prayer and a blessing: strength for the journey.
To Receive a Blessing
Contact Rev. Katie Kinnison, our Stephen Leader, and she will put you in touch with an available Stephen Minister to schedule your blessing.

The Jay Fund

The Jay Fund (shorthand for “The Jay Armstrong Endowment for Youth in Ministry”) provides money to support youth ministry. This fund was established in 2014 thanks to generous gifts from Jay himself through his estate as well as from family and friends in his memory. Every year, the Jay Fund Committee determines how proceeds from the endowment will be distributed. The grants can be for mission or service (local, national, or worldwide), and can be for either expenses or capital, and can benefit Covenant’s youth or friends of our youth. The criteria are this broad so that the endowment might “enliven Jay’s giving spirit and dedication to youth ministry forevermore!” Since it was established, the endowment has raised $65,000 (and counting!) and has granted $12,000.  In early 2019, the Committee decided to adjust the funding year to coordinate with the Youth Commission’s budgeting process and discussions, so decisions on funding are now made in the April timeframe. Through the endowment, we wish to carry on Jay’s tradition of helping the Covenant youth to engage in the community through mission and service while growing their faith. 

     Most recently, the Jay Fund provided $3,000 to help finance the FEED THE FUNNEL event on October 12, 2019 where 12,409 meals were packed by children, youth, and adults of Covenant for the Mid-Ohio Food Bank. 

Thank you!
The Jay Fund Committee: Cathy Levy, Peggy Siegel, Anne Remias, Tim Augsback, Carol Craven, Betsy Patterson, and Erin Wise

Seeds of Hope Garden...
SOH Garden provides organic, fresh vegetables to those in need. Volunteers meet at the garden during the growing season Sundays at 4pm, and Tuesdays and Thursdays at 8am to harvest, plant, weed, water, fertilize, and just get fingers into the soil and enjoy the spectacle of more than 20 different hardy, fruitful plants. The Garden was awarded a grant by the Scotts, Miracle‐Gro company to experiment with a movable row cover system. Scout Gavin Voss, from the Boy Scout Troop at Covenant, built a bulletin board and installed supports for the berry bushes. The computer‐controlled irrigation system was upgraded. Flowers planted by the Covenant Circle headed by Louise Davidson attracts bees for pollination and are given to those who receive vegetables. Volunteer Dick Lewis is a new member at CPC and Master Gardner who contributes his many skills. We work with the leaders of Covenant’s SOS Food Pantry to provide fresh produce to those served by SOS. This mission project is very important and not only has been providing nearly ¾ of a ton of fresh produce to those in need each year but also provides opportunities for Covenant and community members to learn new skills and make a difference in the lives of many. If interested in volunteering, contact Bob Tannehill, Garden Manager.

Opioid Crisis Resource

Annette Franks, M.Ed., LPC, CWC free recovery and educational resources at: