Young Adults

Young Adults

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Being a young adult can be challenging when it comes to finding a church home. Worship services can help spark the conversation at our get-togethers to discuss life, love, God, and any other issues that may be on your mind. Discuss the meaning of life and God's role in it all. We meet periodically in local pubs because we support our community. 

Of course, we'd love to see more of you! Stay in touch and worship with us at Covenant Presbyterian. Create meaningful community, help our neighbors, and find a sense of belonging you've been searching for.  


The Jean A. Mortland Memorial Scholarship
...was established in 2007 in memory of Jean A. Mortland because of her appreciation for excellent music and advocacy for higher education. Jean was a member of Covenant for 40+ years and taught at Capital U. Law School. Her faith was service oriented and socially active, and her leadership at Covenant was a gift of intellect, passion, and strength. She left a substantial bequest to us supplemented by donations made in her memory. Her family wanted the fund to reflect her love of music, higher education and the Christian faith. The recipient is selected by the Worship and Arts Commission. Applicant should be pursuing a college or graduate degree in music or theology, a member of Covenant or associated closely in some manner, and demonstrate a commitment to excellence in their vocation. Also considered are overall GPA, financial need, and written recommendations. The candidate must be enrolled in the institution of higher learning to which the gift will be directed. Deadline is May 30. For information and an application form, contact Ingrid Smith, 614-451-6677.

Or click here to download an application PDF.