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The Season of Epiphany

By   |  January 9, 2020

What does God’s revelation through Christ mean to us? What will we do in 2020 to express our gratitude to God for the precious gift of grace found in Christ Jesus?

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Holiday Traditions

By   |  December 12, 2019

Traditions: consider letting go of some things so we can make room for the new!

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Elsa, the Unknown, and Us

By   |  December 3, 2019

The Unknown offers us the chance to be who Love calls us to be - if we can truly show up.

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Why Celebrate All Saints?

By   |  October 30, 2019

All Saints marks a sort of threshold space for us, a time to consider life in the face of death.

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Summer Sabbath

By   |  July 2, 2019

Remember the Sabbath day and keep it holy. (Exodus 20:8)

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We Ask Too Little

By   |  June 12, 2019

We ask too little and God withholds nothing, for Love is ever-giving, ever-renewing, here.

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Church and Money

By   |  May 30, 2019

Church and Money

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A Spiritual Practice Involving Imaginary Animal Friends

By   |  September 11, 2018

Imaginary animal friends can be delightfully helpful.

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Slow Communion

By   |  August 22, 2018

Communion: why not partake of it slowly?

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Sharper Than a Two Edged Sword

By   |  September 10, 2017

Should the bible still have a privileged place among Christians?

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Christmas... When Music and Worship Create Community and Family

By Cherie Brooks   |  December 19, 2016

Christmas...When Music and Worship Create Community and Family by Cherie Brooks

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Choosing Life Instead: The Confessions of a Christ-Loving Consumer

By   |  November 2, 2016

I do consume, but I am not defined by that. I am not what I buy. I am a child of God alive in the flow of Love. Forget rampant consumerism; I choose another way.

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Punk Rock and the Protestant Reformation?

October 10, 2016

What could the history of Punk Rock music bring to our understanding of the Protestant Reformation?

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Our Children

By   |  September 27, 2016

Aren't you utterly amazed by children? At Covenant we want to do our part in supporting children and their families. We know that each of us is a gift from God to the world. While that may sound like a hallmark card, real love takes commitment and time and energy and hard work. Over the years, we have put in the work to get better and better at serving children and their families.

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Honoring Our Connections

By   |  September 19, 2016

Is it possible that love is the answer, that all the world needs is love, that love will keep us together? We need a new vision of love, one that can happen in Congress, on the campaign trail, on city streets and highways.

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So, What’s Your Story?

By   |  September 9, 2016

Could you name five of your most life-defining moments?

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By   |  August 22, 2016

Reunion by Tracy Keenan - August 21, 2016

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The Question

By   |  February 23, 2016

How is your Lent going? This is a season of self-reflection, of taking your spiritual pulse, of telling the truth about your life.

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When Crime Pays

By   |  January 23, 2016

Please know this: I’m not recommending that EVERYONE start watching the Netflix series, “Orange is the New Black,” especially if you are skittish about swearing and sex – both are abundant, and it’s graphic, too.

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What's One More?

By   |  December 12, 2015

What can I say about all this that is not already being said? No one really wants to hear someone else say that Donald Trump’s words about “barring all Muslims” from this country are un-Christian and un-American.

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Teach the Children Well

By   |  November 9, 2015

What should children learn in church? When should they learn? In what kind of settings? Are we talking content -- which bible stories, the Lord’s Prayer, what it means to be Presbyterian, etc. -- or are we talking life skills that will help them practice their faith -- prayer, meditation, service, stewardship,or reading the bible well.?

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What Does Your Body Say About This?

By   |  September 3, 2015

Most of my days are spent reading, writing, listening, praying, going from home to office to hospital to coffee meeting to office to home, all the while either checking or working on the screen of some device. I live in my head. I use my eyes and ears and mouth. I think a lot.

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Nobody Knows That I'm a Christian

By   |  July 24, 2015

[Note from Tracy: My daughter Tori and I talk about being a Christian in our society.......

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White People 101 or "I Don't Want to be Racist"

By   |  June 26, 2015

We like to pretend that we really have no prejudice, that we never make snap judgments about anyone based on color.

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What's Your Theme Song?

By   |  June 12, 2015

I know, it sounds like one of those Facebook quizzes they use to ferret out information about you for advertising purposes.

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Where's Your Joy?

By   |  June 4, 2015

If I learned anything from my silent unplugged retreat a couple months ago, it’s that the world will go on and the bottom will not fall out if we stop racing and start pacing ourselves, interlacing our days with space for joy to make itself known.

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Offline and Off-grid, Part 2

By   |  May 1, 2015

If I forget this, I can remind myself. There are do-overs anytime I want.

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Offline and Off-grid, Part 1

By   |  April 16, 2015

No talking, no email, no texting,no phone for 8 days. Just listening for God in the nothingness.

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How to Face the Day

By   |  April 3, 2015

When we numb ourselves to pain, we also -- without meaning to --numb ourselves to joy.

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What Church is Really For

By   |  March 27, 2015

One of our young adults told me he hasn’t been to church in a really long time. He loves God and all, but just really doesn’t feel a need to come to church.

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